There are many reason people cannot get jobs but transportation is one of the primary obstacles. One would think that if the job is 3  milesfrom where you live, maybe it would not be such a big obstacle.  Lokman and Abu were both offered first shift,  full time jobs at a company only 3 miles away.  Unfortunately, there is no bus service there and the route is too dangerous for walking and riding a bike.  It was like a moat blocking them from their employer. 

Thankfully, Providence Services of Syracuse was able to give them a ride to and from work to allow them to get that job and begin their journey to independence. Both workers are planning to save for a car,  so they can be transportation independent . We were happy to help them.  Since we began this program, our riders became transportation independent within 3-4 months on average.  Once they get a job, they work and save to get their transportation independence.  Until they get a job they are stuck in poverty.

Last week we were contacted by several agencies who have clients who lack transportation to job just like these men.  We want to help but only have a few more openings left due to limited funding and no governmemntal support..  It is heart breaking to think we will have to turn people away where we are their only solution to get a job.

We Need Your Help! Your donation can help us continue this service for others who have no other options.  Please donate at our website and help someone get a job and begin the journey out of poverty to independence.