Determined To Succeed

Today we welcomed Katie to our Ride To Work   program.  Katie is an energetic and determined young woman who accepted a full time job near Carrier Circle.  She loves her job but her early shift begins at 6am and her only transportation is the bus which requires her to walk 2 miles from the Northside to the Centro Transit Hub beginning at 3:30AM.  She and her employer have been very concerned for her safety since she is walking alone through dangerous neighborhoods in the dark.

Now Katie will use our transportation service to work, she has a safe ride to work and she can sleep later.  Katie is a good example of the residents we see who want jobs.  They are very hard workers and are willing to do what it get and  takes to keep a job.

There are hundreds of Katies in Onondaga County who need just a little help to achieve their goal of becoming self-sufficient and active members of our community.  Our experience demonstrates that if they are provided reliable transportation to their job, even one with difficult hours, over time they are able to get a better job that allows them to work either first shift or save for a car.  Once they advance, there is an opportunity for another individual to fill that spot.  This is how we reduce unemployment!

Let's work together to help our fellow neighbors get a job. Can you donate  $10 or more  to help us help more people? Would you know an employer who would like to help their workers get a safe ride to work?  Contact us today. Be part of the solution!