We will offer transportation to workplaces in Syracuse, East Syracuse and at locations or times not serviced by Centro. This program initially will be only for City of Syracuse residents. Our Shuttles will be driven by professional drivers. It will Not be an on-demand service like the bus, but a modified Van pool where you reserve a seat on a Van for the days you work each month.

Each registered rider will be given a designated Pick-up location near their home.  

Riders will need to Register for a monthly subscription.  Riders will reserve a seat on their Shuttle and will pay for the number of days they reserve.  They pay for upcoming rides a week ahead. They must reserve actual days of the week.  The cost is usually  $6 per seat per day per Shuttle.  If the Rider needs transportation to and from work, they need to subscribe to 2 Shuttles per day. If Transportation is both ways, it would cost $12 per day.  Registered riders are given a pickup location and pick time window.  The driver picks up all riders and takes them to their employer or vice versa. A Shuttle should complete the entire trip within 1 hour.

We hope to help subsidize the first month's costs for workers.  After the first month, riders will be responsible for payment for the subsequent month's payments. Riders pay up-front  5 business days before each coming month Payments can be made online on our website with a debit or credit card, or at our office by money order or debit/credit card. 


Go to the Request for Service page  and enter your information. We will review the people who have submitted and will group people in a Shuttle when enough people request similar times. 

We will contact you by telephone , text or email when  a Shuttle is  available.and sign you up for the program.  If you have questions, submit your questions on our Comment section of our website