Company Transportation Program

Company Transportation Program
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Providence Services recognizes that many Companies are effected by  the difficulty employees and potential employees experience in finding transportation to work  It can manifest itself by not being able to hire enough employees that a business needs or a high turnover of employees because of lack of reliable transportation.  Both problems cost Companies time and money.

Syracuse ,NY has a large population of aspiring workers but a major Company problem is how to overcome two issues:  reliability  and affordability of transportation to work to allow workers to maintain employment. 

Our Mission is to help low-income workers to gain employment.  We offer two ways we can help Companies save money by reducing turnover and meet hiring goals and increase employment


1. Your Company Sponsors Shuttles to pick up workers at or near their home and drive them to work.  Our Shuttles can carry 6-7 riders and we can provide Shuttles to and or from a Shift. 

Maybe you have a particular shift that is difficult fill. The company can subsidize the Shuttle for a period of time and then have riders pick up the cost. If the Employer pays, they can pay online or by check.


A Company Sponsors a Shuttle and the riders pay  the cost among  riders, usually $6 per ride.

The  riders pay fees paid  from their paycheck tax-free and sent directly to us or they can individually pay online on our website.


Contact us today to learn how our low cost solution can help you and your employees today.

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