About Us

Founded in March 2013, Providence Services goal is to support New Americans and under-resourced residents lives and to provide stepping stones for self-sufficiency. We do this by helping people acquire jobs so they can build a better life for themselves and their families. We also hope to  reduce the burden on the local, state and federal government.  Our Company is a New York State Nonprofit Corporation operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of 501c3 of the IRS code of 1986.  In 2014 we became a Federal  501c3  and all donations are tax-deductible. .


To provide a stepping stone for New Americans settling in Syracuse, New York and other under-resourced residents seeking  employment, personal and economic self-sufficiency.


Providence Services will provide transportation services to and from work to enable New Americans and under resourced Americans to accept employment where community transportation services are not available.  Although Syracuse has many organizations providing many other services to these New Americans and under-resourced Americans, transportation is a key reason 40-50% cannot accept employment offered.  Providence offers transportation through our Ride to Work program to New Americans and under-resourced residents with the goal that as they become employed, they will transition to carpooling or purchase an automobile to provide their own transportation.

When an adult finds a job, the benefits extend to other members of the family. By helping one person, many others are also helped. Our community's economic vitality will also benefit.


"We do not choose when or where we are born.  We do not choose when we die.

We Can choose to help others or to turn away.

We Can choose to do nothing or to be a hero."