Our Services

Providence Services focus will be to provide New Americans and under-resourced Americans  with transportation to and from work, enabling them to accept employment and begin their road to their "American dream."  A large number of jobs go unfilled due to lack of transportation.  Typically, once people have interim transportation, they find other workers with whom they can car pool or save money so they can buy their own car. Although Syracuse does offer bus transportation, many job applicants cannot use it if their job is off the bus route or the the timing of the bus system does not align with their work schedules.  Taxis are too costly to provide a realistic transportation option.

In the past, ride to work services have been offered and helped many accept jobs. We aim to fill this niche again, We offered a Ride To Work Pilot program that ended in November 2016.  In April , 2017 we plan to offer a Shuttle To Work program to help City residents  get to or from jobs in Syracuse or East Syracuse  and possibly Liverpool that are not serviced by CENTRO.

 Providence Services would like to subsidize our transportation services, so we will rely on grants and donations from foundations, local companies, charitable organizations and individuals.

Watch the Shuttle To Work link on our website for information about our upcoming NEW program.

Rather than lament a residents' inability to find employment, we are working to resolve one of the biggest causes of unemployment: lack of transportation.  We hope you will consider helping us help others. See our donation page and our volunteering information or for more information on how you can help someone get a job.