Juggling Work, Kids and Education without Transportation

Juggling Work, Kids and Education without Transportation

Natasha is a hardworking Mom of 3 who has a transportation problem. Her car was totaled in an accident but she needs to get to school and  to work while juggling daycare and finishing  school at night.

Her company referred her to us and we put together a Transportation Plan to help her. We found a bus that could take her to work and we will help her get home safely.  The complexity  of the bus system often confuses many people, but we always recommend it if possible. We are happy to be able to help her and her family successfully find reliable transportation so she continue helping her family thrive. 

We find with a little help people can succeed.

Will you support our efforts to give people  a hand up to be successful? Donate on our website.  All donations are IRS deductible.

We Need Our Home Health Aides

 We Need Our Home Health Aides

As our residents get older they rely on Home Health Aides to help them with basic everyday tasks that they can no longer do for themselves. With an Aides' help , people can live longer in their own home or apartment and have a better quality of life. Whether the client is in Syracuse, Liverpool or Manlius , this service is essential. 

Today we had another call from a Home Health Aide who lacks transportation to her new client.  She is completing a 3 week unpaid certification training program so she can begin working, She lacks transportation or income to pay for transportation. Kristen lamented she does not get paid for 2 weeks and the bus does not run to her client;s are on weekends.

DSS and Centro will not  give her subsidized fares and she called us.

We also had a rider who was an Aide who broke her back from lifting clients. These people risk so much to care for our elderly and disabled..

Consider who suffers from this situation ! The woman who wants to work and help people, the disabled person who relies on their help to stay in their home and the DSS budget because it costs extremely more to pay a person to not work than the pittance to help her get transportation to work.

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Working Hard For Success

Working Hard For Success

yrece got a job but lacked transportation to and from work.  He was going to college but needs to work full-time and taking classes at night.  The job allows him to work his way through college. He is so close to graduation , he can't be stopped now. He wants to earn a Business Administration degree and begin a successful life. We are happy to help this hardworking young man improve his life. Our Shuttle will allow him to get a good job so his dreams can be achieved.

We have other Riders doing the same thing.  Transportation is the obstacle many people have in seeking employment or improving  their lives.  

Don't you think Syracuse residents deserve the opportunity  to work and improve their station in life? 

Please consider donating to our efforts to help people gain jobs in Syracuse.  Donate on our website or mail us a check. Let's make Syracuse thrive again!

A Mother Struggles To Juggle Childcare, Job and Transportation

A Mother Struggles To Juggle Childcare, Job and Transportation

Imagine you are a Mom of two children and you work but transportation becomes complicated with getting  kids to daycare  and then getting to work on time. 

This was  Ayanna's struggle.  She works at a nursing home and it is so complicated that she is often late to work.  Her routine is to take the kids by bus to their daycare and then walk miles to work.  

She now is using our Shuttle To Work and we pick her up at the daycare and drive her to work.  She will never be late and stressed out again.

This is the classic situation for Mom's who work that lack their own transportation.

Do you know a Mom who could use our service?  Share the good news and let's help Mom's trying to work.


A Reality Check!

At Providence we get to know our riders personally.  They are happy to have a job and to have a ride to work but sometimes it can lull us into thinking "they are all set now".

Yesterday gave us a deeper insight with how difficult their lives can be.  One Rider did not have $2 for the bus to take him to work until after work when he get's paid.  I offered to take him so he would not lose his job. This is when I really began to see what it is like for him to get to work. .  I picked him up at his home and he explained his bus pickup is over a mile and a half.  As I drove by the bus stop and rode to East Syracuse, he pointed out where the bus dropped him off in East Syracuse. I asked him,"So it is a short walk from here to work?"  As i continued to drive I realized the supposed 20 minute walk was more like 40 minutes.  I imagined if it was me making the walk dodging traffic, how would I feel knowing I had 8 hours of heavy lifting ahead.

As i was sitting down for dinner a call came from the first man's coworker. We drive him home at 10 PM but he was violently ill and needed to go to the emergency room but he had no one to help him to get there.  I sent our Livery to East Syracuse and,  although it was not in our budget,  he got to Crouse. 

I share this to  point out the challenges facing working people with no safety net.

We are part of the safety net but we need others to walk along side us. Will you join us?

Please Share what we are doing and Join us  as we help our neighbors.


Searching For The American Dream

Searching For The American Dream

As we celebrate the 4th of July, we reflect on what made our Country unique.  Our ancestors came to a new land with hopes and dreams of a better life.

Jerrold and his wife Rachel came to Syracuse with the hope of a better life.  Currently they live in a Syracuse Shelter but both just got jobs in East Syracuse.  They want to work and build their future here. That is the American dream!  

Although Syracuse was once noted in during the 1800's for helping people in the Underground Railroad, this couple is having to overcome our Government's  obstacles. They were told they had to meet on  a particular day to get Food Stamps even though they worked that day. They were told , take or leave it.  They chose to keep their job.

They lacked transportation to and from their job, although the government sponsored agency knew of our Shuttle To Work program.  They walked 6 hours each way a day to keep that job.  Fortunately a co-worker told them of our Shuttle program and we signed them up last night.

Let's remember that as Americans it means helping one another experience a better life for all.  If one succeeds, we all succeed.

Help us, help others get their chance for a job.  Support us by sharing our program with people you know who need transportation. Donate to our program online so we can help more people get jobs.



Vincent has had a lot of jobs but none with a future. Transportation has always been an issue..  He said  he would get a car and then it would break down and he could not afford to repair it.  He was offered a good job at a local company in East Syracuse but the issue of transportation was an issue. CENTRO does not go there. Luckily, his job recruiter had information about our Shuttle To Work program and we agreed to provide service for him.

Vincent has goals for his life and now he can get his chance to build a good life. 

We meet so many people who just want a chance to get a good job. Having transportation to and from work provides that opportunity to be successful.  

Do you know people living in Syracuse who need transportation to get a good job? Ask your acquaintances to contact us, we want to help. Please SHARE this story it could help others get on the path of success.



Amanda is a personable young woman finding her way. At 25 she has discovered she loves  working with people.  She made some choices that led her to lose her license and therefore the job she loved.  She is wiser now and is starting over which is hard because without a car it is hard to get another  job. A friend told her of our Shuttle To Work program and she called us immediately. 

When she asked how much it cost, we told her we will subsidize your first month because you probably cannot pay since you have been out of work.  She cried! She had nothing...

We have come across people who have lost their driver license and it leads to loss of job and then loss of their apartment. A woman who called us told us she  lost her license and said she has no way to go to work, she will lose her home and everything she worked for 20 yearsyears to build. Another man said his girlfriend drove him to and from his job and she just lost her license and he would lose his job and be homeless without transportation assistance. 

Most people we have talked to had a car but it broke down and they did not have the money to fix it and lost their job. This is one reason many people are stuck in poverty. 

This is why we are so passionate about providing transportation to low income residents. Let's give our neighbors a hand up so they can build better lives for themselves and their families.

Will you help us by donating on our website.All donations go to helping people with transportation. Thank you for your generosity!



Cheryl is a go-getter.  She had done everything right. She had worked since she was 16, became a manager at a large retail store, watched her finances and life was good.

In January she was the victim  layoff due to company restructuring.  A few days ago she was offered a job in East Syracuse and she was excited to begin working again and making plans.

In the matter of minutes  her plans were derailed when a hit and run driver struck her car.  The car needs to be repaired and she has no transportation to get to and from work next week when she is set to start her new job. She searched for a way to get to and from East Syracuse but the bus won't  help her and she ran out of choices. When she worked in retail , she was the one taking people  home because of lack of transportation late at night. Now she is experiencing this problem.

Dishearten she went to the her employment agency to see if they had any suggestions but was told NO. As she turned around from the counter, something caught her eye.  A piece of paper on a table! as she picked it up and read it, SHUTTLE TO WORK AVAILABLE, she went back to the counter and asked the lady "What is this?" the lady said ,"they have a transportation program, you can try them."

She contacted us and we signed her up. Her job is saved and she can now have reliable transportation to her job until her car is fixed.

We have seen numerous people lose their job because of a car breakdown. With our program we can fill many of these gaps so people don't lose everything they worked for just because of a temporary breakdown.

We share these stories to help people realize these are often the reasons people cannot maintain or get employment. Unfortunately this issue of transportation barriers is a primary issue leading to poverty. 

We are one voice trying to overcome poverty by overcoming transportation barriers to employment.

We need other to help us. The Government has not provided support yet. We thank the Foundations who have given us Start-up money but more is needed given the great need in Syracuse .  




Swollen Feet and A Dangerous Walk

Swollen Feet and A Dangerous Walk

Does William want to work?  You Decide!

William lives in the Syracuse South side but got a job in East Syracuse for a late night shift.  He takes the only bus to his workplace that makes him 2 hours early to work, but there is no bus to get home.  His only choice is to walk over 3 hours to walk home late at night through dangerous streets.

I sat down with William and he is doing everything he can to do a good job, but walking home that far after being on his feet all day is causing him to have sore swollen feet.

William is a hard worker but risking your health and safety should not be necessary to get a job. 

We signed William up for our Shuttle and he is so happy to have an affordable, reliable ride home from work.

There are many Williams out there who have to do the same thing to get or keep a job. We are trying to spread the news that we are available.  

Can you spread the news to people you know who live in Syracuse but need transportation to Syracuse or East Syracuse workplaces without bus service? please SHARE this story.

Maybe you would like to help us help low income residents get and keep their job. Our Shuttle costs $30 per shuttle.  If you could donate $30 you could help us help others.  That is $1 per day.  Please make a donation today on our website or send your donation to :

Providence Services Syracuse , 1201 E. Fayette St., Suite 13, Syracuse, NY 13210

We need your help to end poverty 1 person at a time !



As we come the end of May, our second month of operating the Shuttle to Work,  many Organizations, Companies and individuals have contacted us regarding needs for transportation. 

Nicole Samolis, owner of Sky Armory is sponsoring a Shuttle for her late night employees.  She believes in caring for their safety after a late night of work.

Companies can sponsor a Shuttle like Nicole or Survey their workers to determine who needs a more affordable transportation method especially during those times and locations the bus does not service. We currently are operating 4 Shuttles (See the Shuttle page). The cost is $5 per ride.

Having reliable, affordable and stress free transportation is a big plus for workers. Why not make your workers aware of the service we offer? We have information flyers we can provide or speak to your HR department.

Let's work together to help people get and keep jobs !



We participated in the Destiny Job Fair Friday and heard stories from job seekers about their difficulties gaining and keeping employment due to transportation barriers.  One woman related how she had to spend $50 for a cab to transport her for a 5 hour shift on the weekend when the bus does not run. She said she made nothing that day because of transportation.  

Another man said he had a great job but lost it because his car broke and he had no other way to get to work, so he lost his job.  He was encouraged that there is a Shuttle service to help him.

Most of the Companies I spoke with admitted they had employees with transportation problems.  They were excited there is a program to help current and potential employees to gain reliable transportation.

Spread the word .  Syracuse residents can have reliable, affordable transportation to jobs. 


Dear Friends, 

As we embark on this new program to help City of Syracuse Residents overcome transportation barriers to employment, we want to thank the organizations and individuals who have donated and believed in our cause.  Firstly, our Board of Directors whose persistence and support made this possible.

We also thank The Community Foundation of CNY, the Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation . the M& T Charitable Foundation , and the Workforce Development Institute for their Grants.

We also thank Syracuse Economic Development Corporation for their efforts and support. As well as , City of Syracuse Neighborhood and Development leaders. SMTC and Centro leadership for their collaboration. 

Finally, we thanks the many private donors  who joined us financially and with their moral support.You are invaluable.

Thanks also to Syracuse University Professor Nancy Wright, Janelle Robinson , Bea Gonzales and the Entrepreneur Boot camp teams..  Also the SUNY Oswego Internship program for helping with computer technical services. 

Our  Battle against poverty has begun. I foresee Syracuse workers as a resource that can now be unlocked. With transportation, Companies will want to hire them. We have already heard from organizations and companies excited there will be a way to hire Syracuse residents now that more transportation service will be available. We need all of us working together to win this battle, but the wonderful news is that we all benefit from reducing poverty in Syracuse. We may be the worst in poverty in the nation now , but working together we can change that.

We ask you to join us in this effort. Donate online so a new worker can have a subsidy until they get a month paycheck. Talk to companies to ask if they have workers who need our service and have them contact us . Or maybe you know someone who needs transportation to work,. Tell them to apply online.

Deborah Hundley, President


Our Ride To Work Pilot program ended after November 2016 with success.  We helped 23 people in the Pilot with the small Grant we received. However, we learned a lot.  Small beginning are leading to bigger opportunities for low income residents of Syracuse seeking jobs without reliable transportation.

We are developing a Shuttle to Work program that will pick up Syracuse City residents in neighborhood pickup locations and provide transportation to/from  jobs in Syracuse & East Syracuse. If a company is interested in helping to fund a Shuttle to their job site, have them contact us. We could designate a special shuttle to Liverpool or Dewitt if we have 6 people going at similar time to employers nearby each other.

We receive multiple requests for service daily but we are not ready to begin.  Our target is to begin April 2, 2017.  We are setting up our systems and trying to raise money for the Grand opening.   

Watch our Website ( Notice the SHUTTLE TAB).  In March we will have a tab under Shuttle where you can enter your information to be considered to be placed in a Shuttle. We will select people with similar work times and locations.  AS more people apply more Shuttles will be formed.

 Like us on Facebook to get timely up date.  

To get the word out that there is a great need for this kind of service, write letters to the Editor at Syracuse.com. Let your need be heard.  We advocate for you, but the Funders , etc don't believe there is that great need.  Let them hear your voice!

Stay tuned...




We want to thank the Community Foundation of CNY for their recent grant  support for the Shuttle To Work program we are developing.  Their grant will help subsidize some low income riders get their first month's rider fees reduced so they can accept a job. The Shuttle To Work will complement CENTRO by providing transportation for Syracuse low income workers to jobs outside Centro's routes and times. We are pleased to have them as partners in our program to help residents get jobs by overcoming the transportation barriers to work many experience in Syracuse. 

We are working hard to help people get or keep jobs, but we will need many partners to make it reality.  We invite other organizations and individuals to join us in making employment possible for hundreds of low-income residents. Contact us if you can partner with us either with expertise, donations or volunteering. We encourage you to LIKE us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @Providence_Syr



Dusty got a job last month with our help to provide transportation to/from work.  He was so appreciative because he said most people would not help him.  

Yesterday he called to tell us he has gotten a promotion . He was so happy and is now hopeful he can really have a better life. He thanked us again  for helping him. Then he said he knows a guy who was offered his old job but has no transportation. I told him our funding is ending and I was unsure we can. He said they would be riding together most days and lived near him. We agreed but the guy has zero dollars right now to pay his first month's transportation of $44. I paused and Dusty said" I will pay it for him, you helped me, I will help him."

Wow! Dusty paid it forward for this man so he can have the same opportunity he was given. 

YES, YES, YES !  This is what it is about...helping each other.

Will you "Pay it forward to help change someone's life? We get calls daily, yet we wait for support so we can continue to help people who want jobs they are offered but lack transportation. Our goal is to operate a self sustaining Shuttle To Work Service that could benefit 60-70 people a day get to jobs not accessible with CENTRO.  $30,000 would allow us to begin this program.

Please "Pay it Forward" on our website. It is making a difference in local neighbors lives.

Congratulations to Ronald

Congratulations to Ronald

Congratulations to Ronald who graduated from our Ride To Work program. He began with a part-time job, built it to a full-time job, lost his transportation and Providence Services stepped in provided transportation for 2 months and now he has a car and transportation independence.

we are proud of his hard work and achievements.

This is what Providence Services of Syracuse is providing- a "hand-up" to get and keep employment.

There are so many who need this help, will you help us so we can  add others to our program?