Spunky Sue Has Peace Of Mind

We welcome Sue to our Shuttle program. When I met Sue yesterday I was impressed.  She has overcome so many obstacles in her life but still has a positive attitude. Sue is a very spunky woman who wants and needs to work. She got a good job but transportation to and from work is eating up her earnings. Since her workplace is not serviced by CENTRO at her work hours. she has had to use Lyft but it costs too much for her to continue using it. Lucky for Sue , a co-worker told her about our SHUTTLE TO WORK program and we signed her up. Having safe, reliable and affordable transportation to and from work will give her peace of mind now.

This is another person being helped to keep a job by affordable transportation. Let's wish Sue the best wishes as she begins this new chapter of her work experience.

We believe everyone who wants a job should have transportation to accept and keep it. Often  times , the cost is quite small to help someone. A Donation of $30 , could pay for a Shuttle.

If 4000 people in the City got employment even at $10 per hour, it would provide $80 Million in new spending in our City. That is a large benefit to the City. Often, new low skilled workers start at $10 per hour but 2-6 months later they are making over $13 per hour. Imagine what Syracuse would be like with 4000 people stimulating the economy with $80 million -$108 Million a year.

We ask your support for our efforts to increase employment. We ask your support financially, by donating to our Non Profit. Please share our Mission with your friends.