The ultimate goal of our Shuttle To Work program  is to give our riders enough time on the job to become transportation self-sufficient. It is with great joy that Herman now has a car after 5 months of saving and working hard. Beginning today, he no longer needs our help and in fact is transporting another co-worker to work.

From the beginning Herman was very appreciative of the opportunity to have reliable transportation so he could keep and excel at his job. His optimism and hard work sets him up for advancement at his company. This one thing, Transportation to Work, has made the difference.

There are 3370 more Syracuse residents who need the same chance. Don't they deserve the same opportunity to leave poverty through their hard work? Just a little help with Transportation made the difference.

We  embarked on this Mission to help people overcome transportation barriers to employment, after a Board member , related how a similar program years ago  had a huge impact in helping New Americans get jobs and enabled them to thrive. We see the same thing happening now.

If you know of a Company that has difficulty getting and keeping workers due to transportation barriers, have them contact us. We want to help Companies and potential workers to thrive to make Syracuse a City of opportunity  for all its residents.

Join us change people's lives with a donation to our Nonprofit. Our success is due to people like you, since the government does not support us.