First New Rider For 2018

I received an email from Dustin this afternoon. He has accepted a new job in East Syracuse but the people who have been driving him are unavailable. The same thing happened yesterday and he missed work. 

I drove to him home in the Syracuse and he was stressed out about losing his job for absences, He was paying $30 FOR UBER to take him to work but he has no more money until he gets payed this weekend.

We signed him up and found out his co-worker uses our Shuttle. Tonight, Dustin can now tell his supervisor he has reliable transportation...another job saved.

As we begin this year, we want to help more people get or keep their job. We are working everyday to help people get out of poverty and be self-sufficient. A job is the ticket out of poverty.

We want to thank the Foundations and donors who helped us financially make this happen. This is the 63rd person we have helped since April 2017. With your continued support we look forward to reaching 100 riders. Please support us in our goal. You can change a family's future with your support.

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