Finally Charlie Gets a Break

We welcome Charlie to the Shuttle To Work program. He is #66 since April we have helped to get employment.  He started a full time job a couple days ago in East Syracuse but the bus could not get him all the way to work. During the big snow, he was dropped off from the bus and had to walk several hours to get to work. Getting home was a another story. Luckily a co-worker mentioned the Shuttle and we signed him up.  He is so relieved now he can get to work on time without putting himself at risk.  He acknowledged that transportation is a big obstacle for him and many others in the City. He is a Dad and needs to work to provide for his family. With a little help from us, he can go to work, be safe and provide for his family.

Thousands need this help . Can you help 1 person get transportation?  It is a wonderful feeling to know a Mom or Dad can provide for their family with a full-time job because of your help. Please share our Mission with others. Donate and support us so we can help others. Everyone should be able to get a job. Together we can make it happen.

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