We Need Our Home Health Aides

As our residents get older they rely on Home Health Aides to help them with basic everyday tasks that they can no longer do for themselves. With an Aides' help , people can live longer in their own home or apartment and have a better quality of life. Whether the client is in Syracuse, Liverpool or Manlius , this service is essential. 

Today we had another call from a Home Health Aide who lacks transportation to her new client.  She is completing a 3 week unpaid certification training program so she can begin working, She lacks transportation or income to pay for transportation. Kristen lamented she does not get paid for 2 weeks and the bus does not run to her client;s on the weekends.

DSS and Centro will not  give her subsidized fares and she called us.

We also had a rider who was an Aide who broke her back from lifting clients. These people risk so much to care for our elderly and disabled..

Consider who suffers from this situation ! The woman who wants to work and help people, the disabled person who relies on their help to stay in their home and the DSS budget because it costs extremely more to pay a person to not work than the pittance to help her get transportation to work.

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