Quvan is an upbeat young man.  He got a good job but transportation is an issue for him since CENTRO does not provide service during his work shift.  Currently his elderly mother who lives far from him has been transporting him but it is taking a toll.  He wants to save for a car and be independent, but it takes time to save.

He loves his job and is a hard worker but transportation is stressful for him.   His employer contacted us and now Quvan can focus on his job and building a secure future. He related to us so many people he knows are having difficulties getting or keeping a job due to transportation barriers.  

Providence Services' Shuttle To Work is the only service that provides reasonably priced transportation at work locations not available by bus.  Help us assist others in The City of Syracuse who want a job, but lack transportation.  Donate on our website. All donations ae IRS Tax- Deductible.

If you know of companies interested in providing .transportation for their employees, have them contact us. 

Let's work together to cure unemployment and poverty. THERE IS HOPE!