Searching For The American Dream

As we celebrate the 4th of July, we reflect on what made our Country unique.  Our ancestors came to a new land with hopes and dreams of a better life.

Jerrold and his wife Rachel came to Syracuse with the hope of a better life.  Currently they live in a Syracuse Shelter but both just got jobs in East Syracuse.  They want to work and build their future here. That is the American dream!  

Although Syracuse was once noted in during the 1800's for helping people in the Underground Railroad, this couple is having to overcome our Government's  obstacles. They were told they had to meet on  a particular day to get Food Stamps even though they worked that day. They were told , take or leave it.  They chose to keep their job.

They lacked transportation to and from their job, although the government sponsored agency knew of our Shuttle To Work program.  They walked 6 hours each way a day to keep that job.  Fortunately a co-worker told them of our Shuttle program and we signed them up last night.

Let's remember that as Americans it means helping one another experience a better life for all.  If one succeeds, we all succeed.

Help us, help others get their chance for a job.  Support us by sharing our program with people you know who need transportation. Donate to our program online so we can help more people get jobs.