Vincent has had a lot of jobs but none with a future. Transportation has always been an issue..  He said  he would get a car and then it would break down and he could not afford to repair it.  He was offered a good job at a local company in East Syracuse but the issue of transportation was arose again.  CENTRO does not go there. Luckily, his job recruiter had information about our Shuttle To Work program and we agreed to provide service for him.

Vincent has goals for his life and now he can get his chance to build a good life. 

We meet so many people who just want a chance to get a good job. Having transportation to and from work provides that opportunity to be successful.  

Do you know people living in the City of Syracuse who need transportation to get a good job? Ask your acquaintances to contact us, we want to help.Please SHARE this story it could help others get on the path of success.