Swollen Feet and A Dangerous Walk


Does William want to work?  You Decide!

William lives in the Syracuse South side but got a job in East Syracuse for a late night shift.  He takes the only bus to his workplace that makes him 2 hours early to work, but there is no bus to get home.  His only choice is to walk over 3 hours to walk home late at night through dangerous streets.

I sat down with William and he is doing everything he can to do a good job, but walking home that far after being on his feet all day is causing him to have sore swollen feet.

William is a hard worker but risking your health and safety should not be necessary to get a job. 

We signed William up for our Shuttle and he is so happy to have an affordable, reliable ride home from work.

There are many Williams out there who have to do the same thing to get or keep a job. We are trying to spread the news that we are available.  

Can you spread the news to people you know who live in Syracuse but need transportation to Syracuse or East Syracuse workplaces without bus service? please SHARE this story.

Maybe you would like to help us help low income residents get and keep their job. Our Shuttle costs $30 per shuttle.  If you could donate $30 you could help us help others.  That is $1 per day.  Please make a donation today on our website or send your donation to :

Providence Services of Syracuse , 1201 E. Fayette St., Suite 13, Syracuse, NY 13210

We need your help to end poverty 1 person at a time !