Dear Friends, 

As we embark on this new program to help City of Syracuse Residents overcome transportation barriers to employment, we want to thank the organizations and individuals who have donated and believed in our cause.  Firstly, our Board of Directors whose persistence and support made this possible.

We also thank The Community Foundation of CNY, the Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation . the M& T Charitable Foundation , and the Workforce Development Institute for their Grants.

We also thank Syracuse Economic Development Corporation for their efforts and support. As well as , City of Syracuse Neighborhood and Development leaders. SMTC and Centro leadership for their collaboration. 

Finally, we thanks the many private donors  who joined us financially and with their moral support.You are invaluable.

Thanks also to Syracuse University Professor Nancy Wright, Janelle Robinson , Bea Gonzales and the Entrepreneur Boot camp teams..  Also the SUNY Oswego Internship program for helping with computer technical services. 

Our  Battle against poverty has begun. I foresee Syracuse workers as a resource that can now be unlocked. With transportation, Companies will want to hire them. We have already heard from organizations and companies excited there will be a way to hire Syracuse residents now that more transportation service will be available. We need all of us working together to win this battle, but the wonderful news is that we all benefit from reducing poverty in Syracuse. We may be the worst in poverty in the nation now , but working together we can change that.

We ask you to join us in this effort. Donate online so a new worker can have a subsidy until they get a month paycheck. Talk to companies to ask if they have workers who need our service and have them contact us . Or maybe you know someone who needs transportation to work,. Tell them to apply online.

Deborah Hundley, President