Almost a Third of Syracuse Households Have NO ACCESS TO A CAR

Last year 8.7% of US households reported they have no vehicle available to them. In Syracuse it is 29.2% up from 26.4% last year.

Walkable cities  like San Francisco , Philadelphia and Baltimore have rates like Syracuse but they also have significant walkability , density and extensive mass transit making it possible for many to live comfortably without a car.

For Low income residents in Syracuse it comes down to walking or the bus.  If these means of transportation are  not available, you can't get there.  Places like Jobs, medical visit, cultural events, shopping, Education & Training programs etc.

Providence Services is providing a Shuttle to Work service to help people get jobs. With thousands unemployed and many job opportunities available , but not reachable by bus, we are the only affordable option. 

Lyft and Uber are often cost over a 1/3 of low income worker's daily wage. That is too much.

Support our efforts to help people get jobs. Your donation will help us continue our efforts to help those left out of City prosperity.   Please donate today! We are a IRS 501c3 and your donations are tax deductible .