Wednesday,  we received a call from 5 potential workers needing a ride to work in order accept a job. It was a busy afternoon meeting with each of them and registering them for the Shuttle To Work program. Each had their own story , their previous setbacks and their determination to make a better life for themselves. Lack of transportation was the one consistent obstacle. One had a vehicle but it was broken and the owner lacked the money to fix it until they saved his money.  Another had a driving license issue. Three just had no transportation period.

So at the end of Wednesday 5 people now could accept the job offered to them and impove their lives.

The folks we help usually have little or no resources to get to job sites if the bus does not operate at their work times. 

In the last 7 months we have helped almost 60 people with a tiny budget and no employees.

The transportation to work issue keeping people unemployed is fixable . We have shown it can be done affordably. What is needed is the willingness to fix the problem using our program. What are we waiting for??