The Eight Milers

Tamisha, Renada, Ka'Nesha and DeAndre all were hired for good paying jobs in East Syracuse.   Initially they were told by Centro there were buses available. There were 2 buses to get to work from Syracuse Hub. One gets you there over 2 hours early, the second gets you there 5 minutes late to work.

Going home there was supposed to be a bus some distance away but they could not walk there in time to catch it. The first evening they ran to catch the bus and it passed them by. They had no choice but to walk home because there were no buses after 9 pm.

The walk was 8 miles! 

Renada heard of Providence and I met her the next day  and she said her feet were very swollen.  I signed her up . Since she had no way to get to work that day I drove her to work and three other fellow walkers came in and they were registered on the spot. Since they were not on our shuttle for the evening ,  I volunteered to pick them up at 9 Pm and take them home. Hearing their story is one thing but driving them and seeing the reality of their late nite walk was another. They were really nice and cool young folks with hopes and dreams and it was an eye opening evening.

Now they have reliable transportation ! Would you or let your daughter take a good  job that necessitates walking from East Syracuse to Western Lights at 9 pm in the evening?

This is why Our Shuttle To Work is so important! Support our efforts to help our neighbors get good , safe jobs so they can thrive.  When one is helped, we all benefit!