ahtia is an optimist but getting a job with transportation is hard for her and her family members. Her employer told her about The Shuttle To Work program and we signed her up. Now she can relax and focus on her job.  We will be picking her up close to her home and she will pay only $5 per ride. 

She is one of the lucky ones in Syracuse who have reliable transportation and can have a full time job. Without our service she would be limited for employment opportunities. Centro, Cabs, Ubers and walking are not options, but our Shuttle To Work program is affordable. and reliable. Our program allows workers to continue using our Shuttles indefinitely, unlike some short term programs.

Our desire is to be able to offer this program to over 100 City residents who seek employment. Imagine the impact it could have. for reducing poverty.  In the future we would like to export our program to other cities in CNY. 

Support our effort to help people get employed by offering affordable transportation.