Yosi's Long Walk to Work

Yosi called us to see if she could get a ride to work , but our funding is almost gone so we could not accept her in our Pilot program.  The thought of her walking late at night  troubled us.  We had to try to help somehow.  We put the word out and found a temporary solution.  Yosi won't be walking 1 hour and 20 minutes each way to work anymore thanks to Marsha who donated a mountain bike and helmet. Now Yosi rides 20 minutes twice a day on a wonderful bike. Our thanks also to Advanced Cycling who gave us a discount to add fenders and lights. 

Yosi knows life is rough right now living in a motel. She can't wait to have a kitchen so she can cook her meals. She hopes to save for a deposit and first month rent so she can get an apartment and save for a car.  She believes her positive attitude and perseverance will payoff and lead to a good life. There are so many others like Yosi who just need a little "hand up".

We are fundraising now to start a self sustaining Shuttle to Work program that can transport 70 people a week like Yosi. We need your help! Will you help us by donating any amount and Share this with your friends? Make a difference in someone's life on our website today .