Dusty got a job last month with our help to provide transportation to/from work.  He was so appreciative because he said most people would not help him.  

Yesterday he called to tell us he has gotten a promotion . He was so happy and is now hopeful he can really have a better life. He thanked us again  for helping him. Then he said he knows a guy who was offered his old job but has no transportation. I told him our funding is ending and I was unsure we can. He said they would be riding together most days and lived near him. We agreed but the guy has zero dollars right now to pay his first month's transportation of $44. I paused and Dusty said" I will pay it for him, you helped me, I will help him."

Wow! Dusty paid it forward for this man so he can have the same opportunity he was given. 

YES, YES, YES !  This is what it is about...helping each other.

Will you "Pay it forward to help change someone's life? We get calls daily, yet we wait for support so we can continue to help people who want jobs they are offered but lack transportation. Our goal is to operate a self sustaining Shuttle To Work Service that could benefit 60-70 people a day get to jobs not accessible with CENTRO.  $30,000 would allow us to begin this program.

Please "Pay it Forward" on our website. It is making a difference in local neighbors lives.