Sharon is turning her life around and has hopes and dreams she has not had for years.  She wants a positive future and has been offered a job but had no way to get home after her shift.  She heard of our Ride To Work program and called us immediately.  We signed her up and she is thankful she can begin this job knowing she can get home safely since there is no bus service at that time. Her goal is to save for a car within 3 months so she can be independent. 

Her 85 year old mother is so happy she will now have a stable, positive life. We are pleased to help people like Sharon get this chance. As the word gets out more people are calling for help but we are near our funding limit.  If you can help us, we can help more people get a job and become independent. 

Please donate online or mail us a check. Help us reduce poverty 1 person at a time!