Danielle Working Hard For A Better Life

Danielle moved to Syracuse to have a new start and build a better life.  Danielle is working hard to build that  better life.  She accepted a job in East Syracuse that begins at 5AM and the bus does not operate then. She has been paying $200 many  weeks just for transportation. She read about our Ride To Work program and contacted us to sign up.  Now she can save to get her driving license and have her car shipped to her from California.  She is determined to have a good life but just needed just a little help.

There are so many other residents needing "just a little help" to have a better life.  We are so happy to be able to help Danielle, but sad we cannot help all that have called. Our community could help so many people leave poverty and have a good life, if only we gave people " just a little help".

Help us help others become employed and  transportation independent by donating on our website and sharing these stories with others in our community. The people we have helped became transportation independent between 1-4 months. Can you sponsor a rider?