Is 2016 The Year We Get Transportation to Work In Syracuse?

2016 is starting with optimism .  The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council initiated a Study of the needs for residents seeking jobs but lacking transportation to or from work by Public Transportation.  This lack of  availability to get to or from work is a major obstacle for many to get and keep jobs. The hope is that once the Study is completed, monies can be found to provide this crucial service.

The second optimistic note is that Governor Cuomo stated yesterday at a Syracuse gathering , he will ask the NYS Assembly to provide $30 Million to go towards Upstate Public Transportation.  This has the potential to enhance our Public Transportation in a way that would benefit low income workers and residents who rely mainly on the bus to get to work, medical appointments, etc. It would also reduce congestion and ourcarbon footprint.  Cities who have expanded their Public Transportation have seen ridership grow significantly because it becomes more convenient and affordable.

The third note of optimism is Syracuse leaders have begun an Anti-Poverty Initiative, called  HOPE. The desire in the community is to provide people stuck in Extreme Poverty a way out. Part of that includes removing the Transportation obstacles which keep people stuck in hopelessness.

We are working tirelessly speaking to all.   We are offering  solutions, encouragement and the willingness to collaborate with anyone to solve these problems.  The road ahead is still challenging and long but there are rays of hope.  We can use your support and help. How?

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Happy New Year!