The Ride To Work 2 Ride Service Has Begun

Last weekend we accepted 2 residents into our Ride program. Osman is a Syracuse resident that ended work at midnight and had no bus available to get him home. This hard working young man wants to save for a car and is working on getting his drivers license. His former teacher heard about our program and contacted us. He is so encouraged to have this opportunity.

Our second Rider is Mike who had no transportation to work at 10PM since the bus did not run to his workplace at that hour. He can get the bus home by waiting for an hour after his shift, but had been walking 6 miles to work in the dark of night in dangerous neighborhoods to get to work. He has been saving for a car and by April he hopes to be Transportation  independent.

We hope to help others in our community get or keep a job and enable them to become transportation independent. 

Your donations and support have made a big difference for these men and their families. There are so many others who need this help. Can you help us help more families by donating to our program?  Contact us on our website to help

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