Two New Workers Get Full-Time Jobs

Hussein, Travis, Wil and Aden .  

Hussein, Travis, Wil and Aden.  

Saturday two more people got full time jobs because of our Ride To Work program. We are pleased to help Hussen and Aden get that job by providing reliable transportation to their employer.  Now they can begin to begin their American dream.

Transportation is a primary reason people are unable to get a job.  We have met with employers and employment organizations and they all agree this is a huge need. Sadly there are so many others who need interim transportation to get a job so they can save for a car and become independent.  We have received a number of emails and phone calls asking for our assistance. Charles who has a job offer but no transportation or the single Mom who has a job offer and can take a bus to work but has no way back home. These are real people, our neighbors.

We need Your Help With greater financial resources we could help so many more. Will you help by donating online at our website? $1400 would cover a rider for a year, $118 would cover the cost of a rider for a month $30 would cover a rider for a week. Can you help 1 person?