Our Fundraising Campaign has Begun. Will you join us change lives?

We have begun fundraising to raise $28, 300 which will provide us with enough money for 1 year to operate our Ride To Work pilot program. This program will enable us to provide a transportation subsidy for 20+ unemployed New Americans for 1 year so they can begin their American Dream of getting a job and building a new life in America.  Our program has no paid staff therefore it cost us only $1415 in subsidy per rider for a year. It obviously costs many times more to sustain someone on unemployment. The benefits greatly out weigh the cost. The only way to improve our community and individual's lives is to invest in peoples live to enable them to work.

Our greater vision is to refine this program and expand it to help more of our out of work citizens. By helping people get jobs these people will be contributing members to our economy, we reduce the cost of government, and make Syracuse an attractive place for businesses to locate.

If you or your organization are looking for a way to directly change a person's life and improve our economy, partner with us.

Donate today!