Big Shout Out to Morgan Stanley Employees

Today we received our first donations from employees of a Corporation in Syracuse. We welcome their support to help those in poverty in Syracuse. There is only one way out of poverty and that is getting a job. These generous employees will help our local residents get a job by providing the missing link for many people in our City-Transportation.

Two days ago we received yet another call.  Tiffanie has a job at Carrier Circle. Her car is broken and she has no way to get home after her 9pm shift. The last bus to that destination is 6:30pm. She is afraid she will lose her job and yet without the job she cannot afford to fix her car.

We receive calls weekly from people who cannot get home from work shifts because of lack of transportation. This is a fixable problem. Other Cities have solved it and Syracuse can as well. Together Syracuse can be #1 for something other than Extreme poverty. Follow us on Facebook and be part of the solution.